Why Nature's Candy?

          It seems like we hear the word CBD more and more often, be it on the news, social media, or a coworker? CBD, which stands for cannabidiol, is a compound found in high levels of the cannabis plant which has been shown to support the alleviation of symptoms associated with a variety of health conditions, from pain and inflammation, to mental disorders such as anxiety and depression. No doubt this is awesome for everyone, but there’s an unfortunate dark side to the industry. Brands are taking advantage of an unregulated product in the United States, selling low quality impure products and making false claims on their label. Even worse, research has shown that a high number of CBD oils on the market contain little to no CBD at all. On top of that, no one should have to pay $120 for such a powerful set of compounds, with disguised sugars like “polysaccharides” or carcinogens like sodium benzoate. This is basically CBD companies taking advantage of consumer ignorance. That’s where Nature’s Candy comes in.

          Hello, and welcome to Nature’s Candy Shop! My name is Ben, Cellular Biologist, and founder, of Nature’s Candy cannabidiol (CBD). Headquartered in the  Indianapolis, Indiana, we have one aim, and our name says it all. We've taken 100% organic, THC-FREE, non-GMO ingredients, pulled directly from mother nature, and combined them to create the highest quality, most fruitful gift from mother nature herself, to give to you. 

            Earth is a treasure trove of natural medicinal compounds, and I have devoted my life to understanding the natural world around us through the eyes of Biological and Chemical Biology, to understand exactly how cells adapt and operate under stress, pain, and disease.  Myself and a team of Purdue University scientists have developed the perfect and best CBD oil in the entire world.  However, our goal is bigger than just crafting a premium product. Our goal is to make a quality cannabis extract that is accessible by everyone on earth, to spread the word of natural healing medicine, and keep money out of the pockets of greedy big pharma executives and health insurance companies. Power-packed cannabis products like Nature’s Candy CBD should be affordable, cleanly extracted, and well understood, by people who care your body, not your wallet.

Nature’s Candy CBD products are legal in all 50 states, are safe for pets, and have been well studied by scientists to bring you only the best! Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about CBD our our company, because our goal is to answer as many questions as possible so everyone can benefit from this powerful compound.