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Why Nature's Candy?
Nature’s Candy is owned and operated by a team of Scientists who understand the function of each ingredient and believe in using a quality formulation that's tested at every stage, to ensure our clientele receive a very real product for very real results.
Most CBD products on the market are made from CBD isolate, which means it's missing the hundreds of other power-packed cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids that work together. Nature’s Candy uses a proprietary extraction process to capture all the cannabinoid compounds.
We never add disguised ingredients like sugars, gums, or preservatives. Nature's Candy CBD products are free of pesticides, metals, solvents, contaminants, and other harmful chemicals. Our 1350 mg CBD oil tincture are proudly USDA certified organic!
Europe and China are selling imitation CBD to Americans, flooding the market with low quality, unsafe CBD. We've partnered with a farm that uses USA grown cannabinoid-rich hemp, that flourishes in pristine conditions of a certified hemp farm in Colorado. The less hands the better.
We spend business resources in understanding how CBD works. We've carefully formulated our product through science and research and continually test our product to make sure it meets a strict set of specifications for innovation and new products.
Nature's Candy CBD products are safe for pets and children, but as with any new supplement, always talk to a doctor and start with low dosages first and working your way up. Give our CBD dog treats a try!
We've got you covered on shipping. Because who wants more anxiety paying for shipping?
Love it or we'll take it back. Period.
Because not everyone wants to have THC floating around their system, or feel high.
Midwest hemp council community for promoting hemp economy and farming from seed to shelf

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19th Feb 2021